What Members Are Saying About Contractor Academy

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Contractor Academy was a wonderful blessing. I had been looking for a class to take, specific to construction, but was having difficulty finding one. I received an invitation from Jeff Anker (Saunders) to look into the classes taught by HCC Contractor Academy. Fantastic! It was everything I was looking for… and received the Business Development Certificate. I am sending my foreman to the next contractor classes…

Meri Ramey Gray, Owner Gray Insulation and Fabrication, LLC

The HCC Contractor Academy courses have been an incredible learning experience for our both entry level and senior field staff. Cost effective with industry professionals who can relate to what we see on site.”

James Martinez, President of Martinez Associates Geotechnical Engineering Services

This has been an invaluable resource for me.  In 2018, I attended several classes that sharpened by skills and taught me new ones.  It allowed me to access to learn from and network with general contractors that I hope to partner with and build collaborative relationships with fellow subcontractors.  My participation in the certificate program through HCC Contractor Academy has given me the highest return on investment of any professional development courses I have taken. I highly recommend for those who want to improve their estimating knowledge to be a better partner in the industry.  Thank you!

Heather Reynolds Sylvester Maintenance & Mechanical

I have met and made friends with many people across the Construction Industry, both on a personal and professional level. Professionally, I have enjoyed many new business development opportunities with top quality, professional and sought after businesses and General Contractors. On a personal level, I thoroughly value the friendships I have developed as well as the social atmosphere that surrounds our HCC meetings/dinners.

Tessa Tarr, Owner Starr Painting & Drywall